You Know You’re an OHS Senior If…


You might be an OHS Senior if….

  • You wake up earlier than 6:00 to get a first lot spot
  • You keep your keys out at any opportunity you get so people know you drive
  • You take pictures on the cafeteria steps in the morning
  • You sit on the steps to begin with
  • You don’t use a backpack nor do you use your locker
  • You campaign for superlatives so that you can soak up your glory in 20 years when you reopen your yearbook
  • You’re broke from going out to lunch…everyday…every other period
  • You swing your Oceanside lanyard and keys around even if you’re just going to class
  • Your coffee has no ice left in it because you are trying to get it to last at least four periods
  • It seems like you’re the only person in the school without an Ipad
  • You tell people to NOT apply to the schools that you want to go to
  • You know the name of every security guard
  • You’re already planning your group’s Halloween costume
  • Your heart and soul are dedicated to 309
  • You have every football shirt but still buy every new one
  • And you better know every football chant
  • You have five off periods and half of them are spent in the senior lounge
  • You automatically have a case of ‘the man’s’ upon entering the s’lounge
  • You’ve been kicked out of the library at least once in your high school career
  • You go to the Resource Centers just to sit and cool off in the air conditioning, rather than do work
  • You plan to set aside time every weekend to do your Common App, but still have yet to start
  • You’re struggling at every login to any computer because you just got the new codes thrown at you
  • You find yourself harassing your teachers for college recommendation letters
  • You’ve come to realize your motivation and work-ethic has dwindled at an alarming rate

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