You Might Be An OHS Math Teacher If…


You might be an OHS math teacher if…

  • You envy the JP handwriting
  • You think movies are not teaching
  • You only speak in numbers and symbols
  • You do not dare to make eye contact with the English teachers
  • You establish your territory in the math resource center
  • Your idea of a bonus question is something that is impossible to figure out
  • You always use Comic Sans
  • You use a “points system” to calculate quarter grades
  • You have different color tests to make it more exciting
  • You are least likely to change a grade
  • You wear “Texas Instruments” t-shirts
  • If you think math jokes are funny
  • Pi Day (3/14) is better than Christmas
  • You are nice enough to let us eat in the resource center
  • in the parentheses first (You always solve)
  • You make songs up to remember formulas
  • You constantly talk about your children
  • You’re not always drinking coffee
  • Your clothes range from golf shirts and dad jeans to “my supervisor is observing my class today” suit
  • You wind up having extra help on non extra help day
  • You try and think of explanations as to why your students will need what you are teaching them
  • You get mobbed in the resource center on test days
  • You believe English is inferior
  • Your lunch period is actually an additional extra help session
  • The Pythagorean Theorem is your life’s motto