You Might Be An OHS Social Studies Teacher If…

Victoria Bonacasa, Julia Feldis & Rachel Finkelstein

  • you are an anarchist
  • you fall asleep reading The Communist Manifesto
  • you keep cereal in your classroom
  • you think you know French
  • you walk around with a pocket-sized Constitution
  • you give out mind-numbing amounts of homework just because you can
  • you invite Alexander Hamilton to “rap” for your class
  • movies and/or crash course are your favorite methods of teaching
  • you’re madly in love with Ghengis Khan
  • you have an obnoxious amount of posters in your classroom
  • you go to a minimum of two protests a year
  • your students are always slightly afraid of you
  • you have the worst handwriting of all the teachers
  • you fondly caress a marble bust of Karl Marx’s head while lecturing
  • you sell girl scout cookies from the back of your mini van
  • you don’t know how to use your inside voice
  • you are an OFT Union rep. and wear your shirt at least once a week
  • you only make sense a quarter of the time
  • Moodle is your social media platform of choice
  • Twitter is where you go to vent
  • you wouldn’t be caught dead in the math resource center
  • the only other subject that is socially acceptable to talk to is English teachers
  • your texting lingo consists of “RTN,” “DBQ,” “CCOT,” “APUSH,” and “WHAP”
  • you tell your students more about your personal life than you should
  • you secretly wish you had the style of an English teacher

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  1. Girls, you might be throwing down the gauntlet, but all of these are true. I love the one about Moodle!

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