New York Football is Back…and It’s Not Pretty…

New York Football is Back…and It’s Not Pretty…

by Mack Olmsted

The Giants and Jets are back with the live audiences they deserve: no one.  You would think with an empty stadium the teams would have more time to focus and perform at their best, but that’s not the case. COVID-19 definitely played a factor in both team’s poor starts because there were no exhibition games and the training season was cut short; it’s expected that the teams would be a little rusty, but not this rusty. It really is interesting to watch a game and hear the same audience you hear when playing Madden. I appreciate that the NFL is trying to make watching the game more exciting with the fake audio, but it feels like a missed opportunity to hear everything the coaches and players are saying to each other. 

Darnold and the Jets are 0-7 on the year.

The one thing the Giants and Jets are both good at is losing. 

With the Giants at 1-6  and the Jets winless at 0-7, it’s looking like a tough year for both teams. It appears the Giants’ opponents can turn on their offenses with a flip of a switch, and although the Jets put up some points and at times can move the ball, they are very inconsistent. With the Giants having a quarterback with more fumbles than games played, how could they possibly get any worse at this point? They can only get better, right? It’s almost a good thing that there are no fans in attendance because there would probably be a lot of empty seats at MetLife stadium anyway.