American Voters Turn Out in Record Numbers

American Voters Turn Out in Record Numbers

by Emma Stanco

From Election night to early Saturday morning, Americans were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out who their next president would be. This election was unlike any other one that any American has ever experienced. The election dragged out as states counted millions of absentee ballots as a result of Covid-19. On November 5th, votes were still being counted in key battleground states like Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia. In 2016, Trump won all these states except Nevada. However, Biden managed to win over the blue wall this year. As absentee ballots came in, Biden secured his victories in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia, making him the 46th President-elect of the United States with 306 electoral votes to a mere 232 for Trump. 

The road to victory was not easy for Biden. In the beginning of the week, Trump was leading in many of these battleground states and the election looked close. However, absentee balloting and a historic voter turnout proved to be the democrats’ saving grace. A vast majority of absentee ballots were requested by democrats, which explains Biden’s quick sweep of the battleground states. Americans showed up, either in person or by mail, and voted to make their voices heard. This leaves many questions about future elections and whether absentee ballots will be implemented and made more accessible in every state to increase voter turnout. 

After the election was called on Saturday morning, Trump’s Twitter fingers got the best of him as he took to the internet to make wild accusations of voter fraud and a faulty election with no evidence. Trump attempted to pose legal challenges to the election, but they are being met with defeat, as there is no evidence. Almost a week later, Trump still refuses to accept defeat as he calls for recounts, claims the election was “rigged”, and says that “time will tell”. These claims, while they may hold no merit, are damaging to the democratic process and the country as they cause more divide. Close associates to the current President are pushing him to concede, though he doesn’t seem to listen. Even if President Trump continues to pose challenges over the next few weeks or months, it is very unlikely that any findings will turn the tide. Biden and his team are certain that even after recounts, he will maintain his lead. 

Now, the Biden team is transitioning into the next phase of assuming the presidency. He is currently considering members for his cabinet positions and administration. They are also working on future plans to combat Covid-19 with a Transition Advisory Board, to bring affordable health care to more Americans, and bring back normalcy to the country. In a tweet from last Saturday, Biden says, “The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans ー whether you voted for me or not.” 

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