Social Media: Pros and Cons

Social Media: Pros and Cons

by Yolayra Baldeo

Social media plays a prominent role in today’s society. With it, comes the good as well as the bad. Social media has opened up so many doors for people whether it be new connections, job opportunities, or simple interactions with others. However, social media has also made it harder to have real life interactions with people. Social media can benefit us but can also distract us. Of course, it is a privilege that we even have social media and are easily able to connect with others; however, using social media should not distract us from our other priorities. 

For many, social media is actually their job. It is surprising to see how much people get paid for providing their content on social media. Youtubers with 1 million subscribers make $60,000 a year. Instagram models who sponsor clothing stores such as Fashion Nova and Shein receive a lot of money as well. Accounts with 10,000 – 100,000 followers can make about $200 per post. Accounts with 100,000-1,000,000 followers can make about $670 per post. Clearly, one of social media’s biggest benefits is the sources of income it can provide. 

Many people lost their jobs during the current pandemic. However, during this time, people were also learning to work online. The internet can be a great asset when it comes to jobs because many jobs can be performed remotely. Besides the fact that social media provides new opportunities, it also helps people connect with each other. During the pandemic, families were able to keep up with each other and stay in touch through social media or calls/ texts. Social media is also a really cool way to meet and get to know people all over the world and make new friends. Social media can be beneficial when it comes to human interaction. 

On the contrary, social media can also be harmful. Everyone is free to post their opinions. These opinions/comments can sometimes be very hurtful. Negative posts or reviews can sometimes be mean spirited or just plain hateful. This is because social media gives people the impression that they know you when, in reality, they only see what you put out to the public. Besides the fact that social media has the potential to be very toxic and draining, it can also be very addictive. Younger kids may spend too much time on social media and be overly influenced by what they see and hear.

Social media can be beneficial, but we must be careful how we utilize it. Ideally, we should use social media in a positive way to spread love not hate!