Sustainable Holiday Shopping

Sustainable Holiday Shopping


Our planet is in an unfortunate state. Human beings have taken advantage of our planet’s gifts, and our environment is suffering as a result. Because of this unfortunate reality, many of us try to implement sustainable activities into our everyday life. Sustainable practices are activities that are ‘able to be maintained at a certain rate or level’, meaning that doing said activity won’t further damage the environment severely long-term. While living sustainably can look overwhelming from an outside perspective, knowing where to start is the important part. Here are some tips for shopping more sustainably during this holiday season. 

Shop Early 

When it comes to shopping sustainably, shopping early is a must. Many large companies mass produce their products, and because of the large sums of money they make from this, they can afford to ship their products quicker. Corners are frequently cut in mass production, and our environment is often exploited for the benefit of these large companies. Shopping from smaller businesses may mean waiting a bit longer for shipping, but you can be sure that your products will be made ethically. 

Shop Locally
I previously mentioned that buying from small businesses is typically more sustainable, but takes a little bit longer. However, if you’re a little late to purchasing your gifts this year, shopping locally could be a great option for you. Supporting your local small businesses is good for your community, and you can rest easy with the same reassurance as you’d receive buying online.

Plan Out Your Purchases
Planning out what you want to buy is so important because it means that you are not buying anything that you don’t need. Make a list and stick to it. If possible, make sure to ask people specifically what they want, as it prevents unwanted returns.

Do the Research
Knowing where you want to do your shopping beforehand helps to maintain sustainability, as it allows you to learn more about who you’re buying from and where they get the materials needed to make the product you’re purchasing. Knowing what’s in the items you purchase can tell you a lot about the seller and is essential to sustainable shopping. If you don’t support how your products are tested, the use of the material they’re made of, or how the people making them are being treated, don’t buy them from that seller!

Thrift stores have plenty of good products that have been discarded by someone else. If you don’t mind having to do some extra laundry, thrifting could be a great sustainable option for you. By purchasing something second-hand, you don’t have to worry about supporting unethical business practices, and prices are much lower. 

To put it simply: our planet is dying. We have polluted our planet and, as a result, the natural resources our planet has to offer are quickly diminishing. If we don’t switch to more sustainable practices soon, the damage human beings have caused will be irreparable. So, for this holiday season, do your part and start shopping sustainably.