Best Valentine’s Movies

by Emily Ordonez Rivas

Valentine’s Day is this Monday, and if you don’t have any plans, why not cozy up on the couch and watch a romantic movie? Here are some Valentine’s movie recommendations.

One of the saddest romantic movies is “Me Before You”. This movie made me cry so much. It really shows how much you can love and care for a person. The movie is about a man who gets into a motorcycle accident. He can’t walk anymore, so his parents hire someone to look after him. While doing that, they fall in love with each other. This is my favorite movie, and this is my number one recommendation.

The second movie is “A Star is Born”. This movie is a musical and presents real life problems that artists and people go through. This movie is about two people that meet, but one of them happens to be a very popular singer. He ends up liking her and takes her to go perform on stage with him. People ended up loving seeing them together and she started writing her own songs and performing them with him. The thing about him is that he is an alcoholic and he goes to rehab to try to get better. When he gets out, his wife’s manager ends up putting thoughts in his head saying he is bad for her, so he ends up killing himself because of the manager. The two main characters are played by Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper.

The last recommendation is a classic: “The Notebook”. The way the two main characters grow old together is adorable. They die at the end together which is sad but cute. The wife can’t remember anything so the husband tells their love story to her so she can remember it and eventually she does. The way they lived out their teenage lives and come back together even when they have problems in their relationship is sweet. This movie is a great love story.


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