The 77th Sportnight at OHS was an exciting event and one we were happy to have back in full effect. Students put in countless hours and effort into practice that made the night unforgettable and an amazing last experience for our seniors. Especially the for white who walked away with the win. As always there were many mixed emotions, however, it was a great experience that saw both teams give it their all and do an outstanding job. The blue team’s theme this year was jetBLUE involving songs and art of places around the world, while the white team’s theme was White Marks the Spot involving pirates and treasure. Personally, I think the blue team had the best entrance and psych dance OHS has had in a while! Thanks to senior captains, Emme Ortiz, Carlos Garcia, Erin Mauro, Brooke Scully, and junior captain Lindsay Chetkof. The Blue team won both dances after all their hard work and practice. Blue also brought home the sportsmanship award! 

As for the white team, they were able to dominate the sports along with a great job with their art which contributed to their victory. Congratulations are in order for senior captains Emme Schnell, Emily Roughan, Briana Reilly, Emma Edwards, and Junior Captain Emma Sollinger! Something everyone could agree on was that it was much better this year and a much different experience from last year due to the event taking place after the COVID restrictions were eased. This year underclassmen participated which added to the excitement, and the experience. We got amazing shots of our participants from photographer @Sideline_eebs Check them out below.

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