Meet the Cast of the OHS Fall Drama – FAME

Meet the Cast of the OHS Fall Drama – FAME

by Thomas Biamonte

On September 30th at OHS the air was buzzing about new things to come! The words ¨Pep Rally!¨ and ¨Homecoming!¨ filled the air, but while most students were excited for these events, there was a silent majority of around seventy students who could not wait to see a piece of paper put up by the auditorium doors – the piece of paper would confirm or deny any suspicions they had for the casting of the OHS fall drama FAME! FAME is a play set in the mid 80’s and follows a group of teenagers at an extremely competitive Performing Arts High School.

Once OHS acting teacher, Mrs. Gallo, left her room 8th period and put up the cast list next to the auditorium doors, buzz began to spread around the school. Once the bell rang, a crowd of students who auditioned for the play formed, and they all eagerly peered at the list trying to spot their name and the role they will be assigned to for the next two months. Suddenly, there were cheers of excitement bursting forth from outside of the auditorium – the cast for Fame! was set, and now it is time for you to meet the cast members: 

Darian Royzen is playing Montgomery, the shy boy in his acting class:

¨My character is Montgomery MacNeil. He is a little nepotism baby and his mother is a famous actress. He is very shy, very loving, and very depressed. But then he finds his best friend, Doris, when he enters the high school and through out his four years of high school he starts finding confidence within himself¨

Danielle Gerbasio is playing Doris, the shy girl who wishes to break out of her shell: 

¨Doris is very quiet and to herself in the beginning of the play. She is not really used to being in the spotlight, but towards the end of the show she gets really comfortable with herself and she makes friends.¨

Morgan Remy is playing Ralph Garcy, the Class Clown:

¨I think Ralph Garcy is the one character in FAME that I can really relate to. He is very much a class clown. FAME has some pretty serious topics, but I feel like Ralph is an escape from that.¨

Matt Gad is playing Leroy, the young troublemaking dancer: 

¨Leroy is very hard on the outside but soft on the inside. He loves dance, and really that’s the only way he can try to get out of his situation¨

Leah Fridman is playing Mrs. Sherwood, the English teacher:

¨She is somehow the villain and not the villain at the same time because every time the kids start to get into their acting, she reminds them, ¨Your essay kinda sucked¨. Yet she is also there to prove to them that there is more to life than dance and theatre¨

The students you have heard from are just a small fraction of many cast and crew in this massive production of FAME, but more importantly they are all students who spend hours of their after school time to put on an extremely memorable show for the Oceanside community. So tell me…. will you be there? 

FAME runs November 18th and 19th at 7:30 pm in the OHS auditorium. Tickets will be sold at the door. 

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