OHS Variety Show

OHS Variety Show

by Summer Hubert

On December 2nd, the Oceanside High School auditorium was filled with students, friends, faculty, and families all gathered to watch the annual Variety Show! The Variety Show is an event that the school puts on which allows students to get up on stage and show off their talents.

The theatre roared when MC Thomas Biomante took the stage at the beginning of the night. The first act was with the Oceanside Dance Team and the Best Buddies dancing to “Best Day Ever” from Sponge-Bob the Musical. Other acts included Riley Niedecker and Jayla Hiraldo singing karaoke, and Tomasso Vacarro who showed off his uncanny ability to correctly guess the day of the week when given any date in history dating back to 0 A.D. One of the most unforgettable performances of the evening was by John Humberg who performed a variety of Elvis songs in a white leather suit. The audience was on the edge of their seats cheering John on. Despite some reoccurring issues with the theatre’s sound system (the microphones kept cutting out), this year’s variety show was one people soon won’t forget – the audience was great and so were all of the performances.

The Variety show was such a great success that there are rumors of a Spring Variety Show happening as well. Would you be interested in it? Who would you want to see show off their outstanding talents next? Stay tuned for further details…

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