OHS Spring Production: Legally Blonde

OHS Spring Production: Legally Blonde

by Thomas Biamonte

The Theatre Department at Oceanside High School has been a long standing staple since as far back as the school itself. As for musicals at Oceanside High School, they are a more recent invention here. The first musical premiered in 1957. Since then, countless generations of young students have entertained crowds in the yearly spring musical. I can safely say that this year’s spring musical is one that will never be forgotten.

Legally Blonde is the most modern musical ever performed here on the OHS stage. It tackles real issues in a light-hearted and comedic way while also having many moments of pathos and drama. This musical comedy has truly struck a chord with younger generations as the humor and more modern songwriting is a major departure from recent musical productions over the past twenty years. Overall, the OHS theatre family is buzzing with anticipation to perform this musical for the Oceanside community. So, without further ado, let’s meet some of the cast members whose characters are integral to the story of Legally Blonde

Summer Hubert playing the role of Elle Woods:

“I play Elle Woods – she is the protagonist of the show. She is very bubbly, she knows what she wants, and she goes out for it. Throughout the show, she figures out how to do things for herself and not for others.”

Darian Royzen playing the role of Emmit Forrest: 

“So, I’m playing Emmitt Forrest. Elle leaves for Harvard (as we all know) to follow her one true love, Warner. Well, I’m the nice guy. I’m the guy she ends up meeting and falling in love with. Basically, I help her study, and I help her realize she isn’t just some blonde bimbo that everyone makes her out to be – she is a smart girl.”

Katie DiIorio playing the role of Paulette, the hair stylist and Elle’s Best Friend:

“I play Paulette. She is a rough girl from Boston who is Irish and Italian. Represent! She is Elle’s best friend, and she’s the person Elle goes to to talk about her problems”

Paul Gretch playing the role of Callahan, the Harvard Law School professor:
“I am playing Callahan. He is the villain of the show. He is not a good person to be very honest with you. From the moment that he is introduced in the show, the audience knows that he is going to be the main obstacle in the story.”

Aiden Goldsmith playing the role of Warner:

“Warner is the boyfriend of Elle at the start of the show. He is a very influential person. Warner can be kind of a jerk, so Elle tries to rise above him”

Gracie Greenberg playing the role of Vivienne:

“I play Vivienne. I am sort of the foil character to Elle. She is all pretty and pink and laid back in California. I’m sort of the New England snob, and I prefer darker colors and more classic styles. I start the show coming into Harvard and I take Elle’s boyfriend. I steal him, and it’s very fun because I get to play opposite my best friend, Aiden Goldsmith. We have been acting together since we were in the seventh grade, and now we finally get to act opposite each other onstage which I am very excited about.” 

So many students are involved in this historic production here at OHS, but you only have two chances to see it. The two performances are on March 31st and April 1st at 7:30 p.m. Scan one of the many posters around OHS to purchase tickets to this historic production. We hope to see you there!

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