Thanksgiving TV Viewing Guide

Thanksgiving TV Viewing Guide

by Brianna Amenta

After your big family dinner on Thanksgiving, there are countless television options to watch either by yourself or with your family. From TV series to movies to sporting events, here is your Thanksgiving day television viewing guide:

TV/ Movies:

  • A Charlie Brown THANKSGIVING

How could you skip out on this classic? I’ve seen this movie around seventeen times in my life, and it seems to get better each time I watch it. (Apple TV+)

  • Modern Family, Season 6, Episode 8 (“Three Turkeys”)

Modern Family is one of those shows that you can’t go wrong with and everyone who watches will likely have a good laugh. This Thanksgiving episode is especially funny. (Hulu)

  • Friends, Season 5, Episode 8 (“The One With All the Thanksgiving”): 

Friends isn’t a personal favorite of mine, but I definitely recommend this episode to help get in the Thanksgiving mood. (HBO Max)

  • Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow: 

I haven’t seen this movie, but I’m excited to watch it to further get into the holiday spirit, and I’ve heard great things about it! (Disney+)

  • Garfield’s Thanksgiving: 

Garfield has forever been a beloved cartoon character. A Garfield Thanksgiving feature would be great to have on and watch with the entire family. (Peacock/ Amazon Prime)


  • Packers v. Lions (12:30) (FOX)
  • Commanders v. Cowboys (4:30) (CBS/ABC)
  • 49ers v. Seahawks (8:20) (NBC)

Honorable mention also goes to the first ever Black Friday football game between the Jets and the Dolphins. Friday @ 3:00 on FOX.