Where to Find Scares This Halloween Weekend

Where to Find Scares This Halloween Weekend

by Daniella DeMauro

With Halloween coming up this weekend, there are haunted houses all over the state that are open to scare people. Covid-19 has impacted how these attractions are run, as haunted houses are scheduling times for customers to attend and enforcing social distancing guidelines. Here are some of the best scary attractions on Long Island.

A Haunting in Hollis

With areas for adults, teens, and little children, this haunted house has it all. There’s a haunted house for anyone who decides they will not scare too easily, a kiddie carnival for the little ones, and Halloween treats. It is perfect for families who like different things during Halloween since they offer such a variety of attractions.

Schmitt’s Farm Haunt

This is an attraction geared towards the entire family. It has a haunted corn maze, haunted houses, ax throwing, horse rides, a petting small zoo, and pumpkin picking. 

Restless Souls Haunted House Complex

Restless Souls Haunted House has a spectacular escape room, a spooky forest walk, and a bunch of haunted attractions, some. The proceeds from the attractions go to a charity for the local church, so it’s a nice place to go to make a donation and have some fun as well!

Darkside Haunted House by Darkside Productions Inc.

Though it does not have any extra attractions, this haunted house is better suited for teens and adults than younger children. It is located in a deserted field and provides an eerie setting as soon as you drive up to the attraction. It is only open for 7 days, but it is well worth the drive to go see.

Spooky Fest at Tanglewood Preserve

The Spooky Fest is an event taking place Friday through Sunday for two weeks before and including Halloween week. It has a spooky walk through the forest for people seeking a scare, and for kids just looking for creative non-scary Halloween activities, it has Halloween crafts. It also offers volunteer work for anybody who wants to have a fun volunteering experience.

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