Restaurant Review:  Hummus Mediterranean

Restaurant Review: Hummus Mediterranean

by Alejandro Alvarez

Hummus Mediterranean is a restaurant with two locations in Holbrook and Selden. The restaurant serves Mediterranean style food, and they also have pre-made meal preps to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’ve personally tried food from this restaurant. It’s absolutely amazing, and the employees at this restaurant are very friendly people. 

What’s nice about this restaurant is that when you order a meal you have three base options to start off with which include a rice bowl, salad bowl, or a pita sandwich. My personal favorite is the salad bowl because I love all the veggies they have. The inside of the restaurant has a lot of photos of people who are bodybuilders and athletes to show that healthy people like these choose to eat food from this restaurant. 

When building your meal, you have many options for picking a protein such as shrimp, chicken kebab, steak, falafel and many more.  In regards to the rice bowls, you have the option to pick either white rice or brown rice. This restaurant is also unique because unlike other restaurants, they offer many different varieties of Hummus such as classic, garlic, and roasted red pepper. The restaurant also offers delivery options for their meals, and if you pay a subscription for the pre-made meals they’ll deliver it to your house. I also have to say that one of my favorite things to eat when I go to Mediterranean Hummus are the protein overnight oats. They’re absolutely delicious and come in many different flavors such as cinnamon roll, fruity pebbles, funfetti cake and many more. Another thing I’d recommend getting if you come here are the protein cookies – they’re also GMO and gluten free for those who’re sensitive to gluten.