Surviving a Covid Winter

Surviving a Covid Winter

by Brianna Tripodi

As another Covid lockdown seems almost imminent, I know how frustrated everyone must feel; especially since this time around, family walks might not even be possible because it will be so cold outside. You may be thinking, “How in the world do we get through another quarantine without family walks?” Well, here are some more things to do that are safe, fun and indoors. 

It might seem a little silly, but doing things like puzzles, coloring, and crafts are all good ways to pass the time, and you can do all of these things this as a family. Try to find a craft you are good at, so you could even possibly make some money by selling whatever you make! Themed diners were all over Tik Tok during the summer. I think this is a good way to make dinner more fun if you eat with the same people every night. You can also have Zoom dinner dates with your friends or even cook dinner together on Zoom, so it’s almost like you are together.

Speaking of Tik Tok, try to gain a following, or just vlog your whole quarantine. Work on yourself, take up meditation, try to go vegan, drink a gallon of water every day, and get some exercise. Winters are hard enough on our mental health – being locked in a house during the winter months will be even harder. Get into new music, try to teach yourself a sport, write your own song. Keep a journal to document these strange times because in hundreds of years your journal might even end up in a museum. You could do the things you have been putting off like deep cleaning your room or closet, or you could rearrange your room and put pictures or posters up on your walls.

This winter is going to be hard for everyone, but eventually we’ll go back to a normal life. Remember to support small businesses because they won’t make it through a second wave, and make sure you are taking care of yourself and being mindful of your mental health. Most importantly, as the holidays approach, don’t attend any large gatherings and stay safe.

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