Movie Review: Free Guy


This movie brings something new and original to Hollywood’s big screen. Five years ago screenwriter Matt Lieberman wrote his first draft on Free Guy centering around a non-playable character (Ryan Reynolds) coming to realize his purpose in the world and realizing he has the potential to be great.  The movie was filled with heart, comedy, and friendship but none of that would’ve been possible without the variety of actors involved in the project. Including Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi,  Joe Keery, and some new faces like Jodie Comer and Utkarsh Ambudkar. Free guy’s runtime is 1 hour and 55 minutes but the action and storytelling made it feel a lot shorter and kept me engaged throughout the whole movie. The film shows players in a game called Free City (Real Humans) causing havoc in the game but the non-playable characters or NPCs are coded in the game to ignore and disregard the players actions. Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a bank teller in the game and is starting to realize that his life is an endless loop and that everyday is the same and decides to take a stand against the game and its players. Guy realizes his purpose when he sees Jodie Comer’s Molotov Girl and instantly falls for her and is sick of being a boring NPC bank teller and wants to prove himself to her and to become a hero. This is what sets up the backbone for the rest of the movie.

Free guy’s story is something new and exciting. The story for the film was never adapted from a novel or comic which makes something unique at the moment in the world of movies and also an intriguing movie to watch. The story’s writing is on point. Free Guy manages to weave together two plot lines quite nicely with numerous pop culture references, especially to The Avengers and StarWars that keep it familiar while adding something new. The chemistry of the cast is noticeable and comes off the screen adding to the enjoyment as the viewer can possibly consider the plight of Free Guy and the commentary it provides on our own lives. 

Free Guy is great, but don’t get me wrong it is not the pinnacle of movie making. In order to make an omelette you have to  break some eggs. Some parts of the movie were just not funny and jokes didn’t land but the good jokes outweigh the bad. The movie started to get a little shaky in the third act and got confusing but the movie does have a hard concept to wrap your head around so I’ll give the writers credit for trying. The love story felt generic and plain and felt as if it didn’t need to be in the movie. Most movies now try to add a love interest for the main character even if it doesn’t make sense or helps the plot at all.

  Overall free guy is a movie that you’ll have a fun time regardless of all the reviews and critiques and is a perfect blockbuster movie to end your summer with a little excitement. 

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