Summer Job Ideas

 Summer Job Ideas

by Aleena Khan

The summer is the perfect time to get a job and help out your community. Not only is making money beneficial, a job is also something that you can add to your college applications when you apply to college. Here are some job ideas if you’re looking for work this summer:

Beach Clubs 

  • Many beach clubs around the Long Beach area are looking for CIT’s and counselors this summer. This is an easy job for people who love working with kids and it is only a few hours during the day. 


  • Many beaches and pools are looking for lifeguards to help out this summer. Although the training is long and tedious, in the end it is worth it. This job is perfect for people who love to be under the sun all day and are very attentive. 


  • Being a babysitter can help you gain social skills while also making cash on the side. This is also a flexible job that doesn’t require a tight schedule which is perfect for people that aren’t looking for a job with set hours. 

Dog Walker

  • This job is perfect for people who love to be active and love dogs. This is also a perfect way to make quick money and get a workout at the same time. 

Working in a Restaurant

  • There are many restaurants in the Rockville Center and Oceanside areas that are looking to teens for server and hostess jobs. This is an easy job for anyone who loves to interact with other people and be on their feet. Being a waitress is tip-centric, so you won’t be getting paid much, but you will be able to reel in a lot of money through tips. 

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