2024 Summer Olympics

2024 Summer Olympics

by Falyn Bonacore

Every 2 years, a major athletic competition is held (in alternating winter and summer seasons) known as the Olympics. Through its contribution to world peace and popular sport, the Olympic games inevitably facilitate global togetherness. Thankfully, there will be an Olympics this summer from July 26th to August 11th in Paris, France.

In 2024’s Olympic games, thirty-two different sports will be played by members of numerous teams/countries. These events consist of popular sports including gymnastics and basketball while focusing mainly on aquatic sports like swimming, diving, and water polo. There is also lacrosse, volleyball, karate, hockey, golfing, football, tennis, etc. that all serve as a platform for athletes to display their amazing athletic prowess.

The Olympics also have another admirable series of events known as the Paralympic Games. First organized to represent the disabled in wheelchairs, the Paralympics have innovated to incorporate other disabled groups like amputees, adding to the diversity and togetherness promoted by the games. The Paralympic Games strives to promote human relations by providing opportunities for disabled athletes to compete internationally with their peers.

The location of the Olympics is decided when national committees pick the cities in their countries they believe are best fit to showcase the Games. Those cities are then shown to the International Olympic Committee and one is elected by the majority of votes in a confidential ballot. Paris was chosen for this year’s games. The Olympics helps to stimulate the economy and boosts tourism for the host city.

Despite both the Summer and Winter Olympics showcasing multiple nations and sports, they also have some differences. The Summer Olympics are traditionally more popular as they are held between July and August when many individuals are off from work/school and have abundant leisure time to dedicate to the televised event. The event is much bigger during the summer months as it features sports including swimming and soccer that are only prevalent during particular times of the year. In contrast, cold weather sports are played during the Winter Olympics including skiing and snowboarding – sports that aren’t common indulgences among the masses. As a result, more countries participate in the summer Olympics. 206 countries competed in the Summer Olympics of 2020 in contrast to only 91 countries that participated in the Winter Olympics in 2022.

The Olympic Games is an immensely amusing and unifying event that is worth indulging in. The Games encourage various groups to join in athletic competitions that provide a source of entertainment for the entire world and enhance patriotism. The Games strive to showcase every kind of person and are overall very meaningful.

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