Covid-19 Vaccine Roll Out

Covid-19 Vaccine Roll Out

by Daniella DeMauro

Vaccines are important; especially in today’s pandemic filled world, but it is just as  important to be educated about them. Here is some information you should know about vaccines and, specifically, the Covid-19 vaccine.

What is a vaccine and why are they important?

A vaccine contains small amounts of the virus or disease they are trying to fight. They do not cause sickness because the traces of virus in the vaccines are dead or weakened states of the virus or disease. Though you may still get sick with a vaccine, the symptoms will be much milder than without the vaccines. Vaccines help your immune system fight the illness quicker and more efficiently than with natural immunity. There are different types of vaccines that are best depending on how the immune system responds to the germ, who needs to be vaccinated, and the best technology and approach to creating the most effective vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccine Information

According to studies, the covid-19 vaccine is 95% more effective in preventing Covid-19 than natural immunity. In a study of 43,448 people injected (21,720 with the vaccine and 21,728 with a placebo), there were 8 cases of Covid in the group with the vaccine and 162 cases in the group given the placebo. Some side effects were fever, chills, headaches, and fatigue. Even if a person has already had Covid, there is a possibility that they may get it again, so getting the vaccine is still important. How long the vaccine lasts is still unknown because it has been out for such a short period of time, but it is a vaccine given in two doses to ensure the most efficient outcome.

Vaccine Distribution

The vaccine is being given out in phases based on how to best decrease death, preserve functioning society, and reduce the burden of Covid-19 for people. Phase 1a is given to healthcare workers and long term care facility residents who are at the greatest risk. Phase 1b consists of any frontline essential workers—like police officers and agricultural workers—and people over 75 years old. Phase 1c is for people 65-74, people 16-64, and other essential workers who work in transportation, communications, law, and more. More groups will be created as availability of the vaccine increases. The vaccine is being made available (depending on region) in Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, hospitals, clinics, and select mass distribution centers. You can sign up for the vaccines online and find out eligibility on websites such as this or on apps provided by the state.  

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