School Breaks

School Breaks

by Falyn Bonacore

Each school year in New York students are relieved from their mandatory attendance to enjoy some relaxing breaks. Often occurring around the holidays, students receive 7-10 days off from school during the months of December, February, and March/April. School breaks have become fundamentally beneficial to students because they help students to maintain their focus and to “recharge their batteries”.

Research proves that taking purposeful breaks from attending school and doing school work reinvigorates students’ bodies and brains. As the school year progresses, students can potentially feel drained and isolated in the repetitive academic atmosphere. Taking breaks from this environment gives students time to explore new opportunities and establish and/or reflect on their interests and goals. Students can gain valuable new experiences through travel and leisure time, which fuels them with more purpose.

Taking school breaks also improves students’ focus. Experiencing periodic intervals of relaxation gives students a chance to replenish their minds. Students can “refresh” and “reset” during school breaks by minimizing their heavy workloads. These refreshing school breaks can ultimately improve a student’s ability to consume and process information when they return to school.

There is no doubt that school breaks are beneficial for students. These purposeful off-days reboot students’ productivity, helping them achieve further success during the rigorous school year. Students are subjected to enormous amounts of work that can be temporarily eased during school breaks. The benefits of these breaks should be taken seriously and potentially lead to even more extended time off for students who definitely deserve it.

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