Long Island Halloween Attractions

Long Island Halloween Attractions

by Alex Correa

Long Island is a massive place, densely populated with all kinds of Halloween Lovers. Whether you’re a huge horror fan or are just in the market for a peaceful fall activity to enjoy this season, this article will contain something for you! 


Across the island, there are several sites known for the spirits that are said to watch over them. If you’re looking for a paranormal experience, these are the best places to check out this season:

    This lighthouse is no ordinary lighthouse. It is said to be haunted by its former keeper. According to Tony Femminella, the current executive director of The Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society, the legend cannot be confirmed or denied, but the story is embedded in the lighthouse’s history. This haunted historical site is located at 1 Burma Rd., Fire Island National Seashore; and the lighthouse staff can be contacted through the phone number 631-583-5901, and those interested in a visit can check out fireislandlighthouse.com for more information about the lighthouse itself.
    This home was owned by the Halsey family back during the 1600s, and it is known as the final resting place of Elizabeth Phoebe Halsey. Halsey was murdered in the family home by two unnamed Pequot Native American men in the year 1649. The house has since been converted to a public museum. Ghost hunters who have visited the home claim to have heard voices and found “cold spots” (sudden chilled pockets within a space that cannot be explained by other means) Those interested can visit the home at 249 S. Main St., Southampton. The museum staff can be contacted at 631-283-2494, and more information about the museum itself can be found at southamptonhistory.org.
    In the year 1811, the majority of Long Island was hit with a large, devastating snowstorm during the three days leading up to Christmas. During this ferocious storm, Abigail Olsen, a newlywed young woman, was said to have been seen looking around frantically for her husband, who was the captain of a ship that was wrecked during the storm. Abigail made it out of the storm alive and made her way to the tower, but many say her spirit still haunts the Montauk Lighthouse, awaiting the return of her long lost love. Many have claimed to see Abigail’s spirit still roaming around the tower to this day. This historical landmark is located at 2000 Montauk Hwy., Montauk. The lighthouse staff can be contacted at 631-668-2544, and those interested can visitmontauklighthouse.com for more information about the lighthouse itself.

Long island is filled with plenty of haunted houses for all ages! This list contains just a few of the hair-raising haunted houses that can be found on the island: 


Darkness Rising is rated by several websites as the Long Island’s #1 haunted attraction. This attraction will be in operation from September 30th to October 31st, and is open 7PM-12AM Fridays and Saturdays, 7PM-10PM Thursdays, 6PM-10PM Sundays, and 6PM-10PM on Halloween. Tickets are $35 per person for general admission, and $50 per person for fast pass admission. This attraction is 100% indoors, meaning it is also open during inclement weather. Darkness Rising is located at 800 Chettic Ave., Copiague. For more information, please visit https://www.darknessrising.org/ or call (516) 799-4747.


Dark Night Halloween World is a limited time Halloween event made for those looking for a more minimalist, immersive and atmospheric approach to haunting. This 90’s themed event combines alternate reality gaming, immersive theater, and interactive art installations with the nostalgia of a haunted trail. It does have a few jumpscares, but is generally inclusive of people of all ages. General admission tickets are $25 per person, and VIP admission tickets are $35 per person. This haunted event will be open during select weekends during October from 7PM-10PM, and is located at 1 Ski Run Lane, Farmingdale. For more information, please visit https://www.darknightli.com/


Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse was voted by horror fans as the 2019 winner of Scare Factor’s ‘#1 Must-See Haunt’ award. This haunted house is recommended for children over 13 years of age, and admission is $50 per person. This haunted attraction can be found at 215 South Country Road, Bellport. For more information, please visit fearli.com or call (631) 286-1133.

    Bayville Scream Park is an absolutely massive display of horrific scenery, and is recommended for children 12 years of age and above. The park is filled with several different haunted attractions, and tickets must be purchased online in advance of your arrival. Ticket prices vary depending on how many different haunted attractions you plan on visiting. The majority of the available attractions open at 7PM, but this along with closing times vary. Bayville Scream Park is located at 8 Bayville Ave, Bayville. For more information, please visit https://bayvillescreampark.com/ or call (516) 624-4678.


Long island has a myriad of beautiful corn fields, meaning the island is filled with various corn mazes. Some will be meant to both scare and challenge you, while others are meant to be a peaceful fall activity for the whole family to enjoy together. This list contains all of the information you need to know about these haunted attractions. Here are some of Long Island’s top-rated corn mazes: 


This maze is open weekends and holidays through October 30th, and is open to the public from the hours of 10 AM to 5 PM. Entry is $10 per person. The maze itself is “Alice in Wonderland” themed. All participants are provided with a crayon and a paper picture finder with nine squares. At each of nine stations scattered across the maze, participants are instructed to create rubbings of different Alice in Wonderland characters, such as Alice, Cheshire cat, and the Mad Hatter. F&W Schmitt’s Farm is located at 26 Pinelawn Rd, Melville, and farm staff can be contacted at (631) 271-3276. For more information, those interested can visit https://schmittfarms.com


The Harbes Orchard corn maze is open from 9AM-6PM on Saturdays, Sundays & and Holidays; and 10AM-5PM on Mondays and Fridays through October 30th. The price of entry to the maze is included in a combo value pass for $23-27, depending on the day. This maze is Robin Hood themed and has plenty of live actors to help set the scene. Participants work through the twists and turns of this maze and answer trivia questions about the story of Robin Hood. This attraction is located at 5698 Sound Ave., Riverhead. Orchard staff can be contacted at (631)-683-8388. For more information, those interested can visit harbesorchard.com.


The Krupski Farms corn maze is open from 12PM-5PM all weekend days through October 30th. The entry fee for this maze is $10. This haunted corn maze is filled with live actors dressed in scary costumes, but it lacks gore to keep the attraction appropriate for younger children. Participants work their way through the maze while being jump-scared at each and every turn. Krupski Farms is located at 38030 Rte. 25, Peconi, and farm staff can be contacted at (631)-734-7841. 


Elwood Pumpkin Farms  is open from 10AM-5PM Saturdays and Sundays, and 3PM-5PM during the week. 

This farm has a small corn maze suitable for small children. The corn maze isn’t their main attraction, but it is a family-friendly activity everyone can enjoy. Elwood Pumpkin farms is located at 1500 E Jericho Tpke,. Huntington. For more information, those interested can visit https://www.elwoodpumpkinfarm.com/ or speak to farm staff at (631)-368-8626


On Long Island, there are plenty of spooky halloween parades for everyone to enjoy. This list includes plenty of opportunities to show off your Halloween Spirit:


Costumes are highly recommended for this event. The parade will take place at 2PM on October 29, and will be followed by pony rides, a petting zoo, and a costume contest in Farmingdale Village. The parade starts at Northside Elementary School and will proceed heading south along Main Street to the Village Green. For more information, visit farmingdalevillage.com, or call 516-314-0050.


Costumes are highly recommended for this event. The parade will take place starting at 11AM on October 30th at 150 Bay Parkway, Wantagh. If you arrive a bit early, there will be games, monster crafts, and a haunted pirate scavenger hunt from 10AM-3PM. For more information, please visit jonesbeachenc.org.

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