5 Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

5 Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

by Caylee Courtright

If you’re looking for some recommendations for Halloween movies for this upcoming scary season, you’re in the right place! Here are 5 scary movies to watch this week!

  1. Smile

The past couple of years have been lacking in terms of scary movies, but 2022 has come to save the day. Recently, a movie called Smile came out into theaters, and originally I thought it would be one of those comedic scary movies or just plain stupid. Well, I was scared out my mind – I was terrified! However, I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie if you’re not in a good place mentally. The film dabbles in some triggering topics. This movie is fantastic, but approach it with caution. I don’t want to give away any plot spoilers, so here’s the possible triggers. 

  1. It Chapter Two 

This movie was number one for me prior to Smile. It’s not so much the scariness of it, (it is kind of scary though) it’s the background of the story that is intriguing. The film explores mythology, and on top of that, the casting directors did an amazing job casting the older versions of the Losers Club. For context though, I would recommend watching the first movie. The plot revolves around a demon entity who thrives on the fear of people. It mainly uses the mask of a Killer clown, sent to terrify adults and lure children in. This sequel focuses on the adult Losers Club and their quest to defeat Pennywise.

  1. The Texas Chainsaw Masacare: The Beginning 

This movie awakened my fear of chainsaws. This filmmight be the best out of all of the Texas Chainsaw movies in terms of scariness. Jump scares are on point, along with a healthy amount of gory-ness to keep the horror fans happy. The best part of the movie is the fear that it can instill in the audience merely with the sound of the chainsaw. The story follows a group of friends trying to escape Leatherface (the perpetrator) learning the ways of the chainsaw. This movie is gory, so I will attach a link to Common Sense Media, that way I don’t give away the whole plot. 

  1. The Babysitter

Now onto the comedic scary movies! This film came out a few years ago, and it’s still very good. The plot it easy to follow. It’s actually not scary at all, but it can be a good introduction to jump scares and even some minor gore. The plot follows a young misfit boy who is left with his babysitter for the night, only to find out she’s using the house for ritualistic sacrifices. The movie takes a comedic approach, and I often found myself laughing at the irony of it. If you enjoy The Babysitter, there is also a sequel.

  1. Happy Death Day

This movie was my stepping stone into the world of horror movies. Its just suspenseful enough to pass as a horror movie. The film is about a girl who wakes up only to be murdered, but she has to relive her day over and over again to try and find the truth of who her murderer was. Every day, she has to explain this to someone creating a comedic tone as she frustratingly wakes up each morning. It gets less and less scary as it’s watched, which makes it a great comedic scary movie!