Transitioning into College During the Pandemic

Transitioning into College During the Pandemic

by Daniella DeMauro

The college application process is tough to navigate every year, but this year has been even tougher. Right before quarantine, my family went to visit colleges, but, soon after, those in-person tours were suspended because of Covid. A major part of my decision was based on going to visit those schools. Many students apply to colleges they are academically interested in, but students also want a college that they can visit themselves. When not being allowed to visit colleges, I almost completely ignored a great school because seeing it online did not do it justice. For many students, including myself, seeing the college campus in person can be a deciding factor in the decision making process.

Because of the pandemic, there are certain medical requirements students must meet before attending college in the fall. This year, many schools are looking into a required Covid-19 vaccination. Since it is such a new vaccine, this could cause a lot of added stress for seniors in high school. With issues surrounding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the difficulties of booking a vaccination appointment, incoming college students are facing new challenges in the college entrance process.

Freshman orientation and in-person classes are some very exciting events for students to look forward to in college. This year, many of these orientations and classes might be experienced through a screen. Though the transition to being back in class in person has begun in many places, many schools are still conducting classes and events virtually. Incoming college freshman will have to continue to navigate the virtual learning landscape for at least another semester.

The college transition process is always exciting and unnerving. This year, with the pandemic, it’s even more unnerving. Many colleges and universities are slowly integrating kids back into their classes and activities and are strongly encouraging (or even mandating) vaccinations for the coronavirus. Hopefully, by next year, there will be enough people vaccinated and enough safety protocols in place to ensure that students are comfortable returning to a live in-class experience.

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