Proud Boys RVC March

Proud Boys RVC March

by Tyler Mahaffey

On the afternoon of November 27th, members of the alt-right group, The Proud Boys, marched through Rockville Center without a permit. This protest was made up of about twenty members of the Proud Boys. Members of the alt-right group wore bandanas over their faces as they waved the American and the “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. Members of the alt-right group flashed hate signs including Nazi salutes as they marched down Sunrise Highway chanting slogans and handing out flyers. These flyers and chants promoted several of their beliefs including “minimal government,” “anti-racial guilt,” “venerate the housewife” and “reinstate the spirit of Western chauvinism.” 

Many local politicians in both political parties condemned the Proud Boys and their march. Kathleen Rice, Todd Kaminsky, Judy Griffin and Francis Murray all criticized the march. On November 29th, Kathleen Rice tweeted  “I am disgusted that this took place in our district. I will continue to fight against racism, hatred and white nationalism while serving as your representative.”

Judy Griffin, a member of the New York State assembly, said the group did not request a permit and that they were trying to disrupt local businesses. She went on to say of the Proud Boys that  “They are a divisive group of hate and violence.” She followed that up saying, “They [the Proud Boys] don’t have any place here.”

Todd Kaminsky also said the Proud Boys have no place in Nassau County. On December 1st, Kaminsky tweeted, “Their hatred has no place here — this is not the Nassau I know.” Kaminsky followed this up in a series of tweets saying he “will not be silent” and called the Proud Boys a “neo-fascist” group.

Rockville Center Mayor, Francis Murray, at first said he did not know of the group or that they marched in Rockville Center. Later, he would go on to criticize the Proud Boys and their actions.

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