OHS College Visits

OHS College Visits

By Summer Hubert

Attention Sailors! Colleges are visiting OHS through November 21st. Colleges including UCONN and Pace University were two of the first schools to visit OHS in September. I had the pleasure of attending the Pace university meeting with Danielle Fusaro, the Admission Counselor at Pace.  Mrs.Fusaro is the person who views the application and admits the students applying to Pace. At the beginning of the meeting she provided each student a handbook, financial aid packet, a business card, and a Pace University poster. Frusaro spoke about the admission process and what she and her other colleagues look for in the applications, what majors Pace has to offer, internships, financial aid, and campus life at both the New York City Campus and the Westchester Campus. Seated around a business table, the meeting felt very personal which gave students the ability to ask any questions they may have had. Because there were only eight students at the meeting, we were able to ask questions about our specific majors which is beneficial to the decision-making process. At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Fusaro told us, “Colleges look to see if you visited the college or went to one of these in-school visits. Sometimes your interest in a school can go a long way into the admissions process.” 

I suggest going to as many college visits as possible.  It provides you with an amazing opportunity to have a real-life conversation with either an employee or an admissions counselor from a college. You can ask questions you may or may not be able to find answers to on their website, and the in-person visit  affords you the opportunity to get to know a staff member from a college that you are interested in. College visits are a great way to explore and connect with the colleges of your dreams. 

So, how do you schedule one of these college visits? Log into Naviance on your Chromebook. If you scroll down to where it says “What’s New”, you will see all the college visits occurring that week. All you need to do is then register for that visit. On the day of the visit you will need to get a “college visit pass” form from the Guidance office located in the South Wing. It’s that simple!

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