How to Study More Effectively

How to Study More Effectively

by Aleena Khan

Studying at home has always been a challenge for many students. Over the past few years, as we navigated through the Coronavirus pandemic, students’ study habits were upended. Many students have forgotten how to study effectively. Remember, there isn’t necessarily one productive way to study; however, there are some things that EVERYONE can do to study more effectively. Here are some study tactics that I use to maintain a solid and steady G.P.A:

1: Always make sure you have everything you need near you when you settle in to study. This prevents you from having to get up and being distracted. 

2: I find having a planner is helpful to keep myself organized. If you’re unable to get a planner, Google calendar is very helpful and is also digital which allows you to have access to your academic schedule whenever and wherever. 

3: This might sound a bit challenging to some people, but paying attention in class is key to maintaining your average. Some people find taking notes during class very helpful, and you can also use those notes to help you study. 

4: Asking questions in class is beneficial and helps you understand topics in class better. Whatever you don’t understand, your teacher can and will help guide you through. If you’re still unable to grasp what your teacher is explaining, the resource centers are a great place to go to for additional help. 

5: Do NOT wait until the last minute to study.  Cramming usually doesn’t work. Review your notes every day for 30 minutes instead of cramming all of your studying into the night before the exam. 

6: Take good notes! Make sure your notes are easy to understand and read. To do this, you can simply underline or highlight important words or phrases that help you get the gist of the topic. 

These study tips may not help everyone, but they should be helpful to most. Most importantly, if you are struggling in one of your classes, seek out a teacher or guidance counselor. Remember, there is always someone in this school that you can turn to for help. 

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