OHS Set Building

OHS Set Building

by Sofia Romano

Ever wonder how the sets for the Oceanside Highschool shows are made? Well, wonder no more! Starting on October 7 at 7pm, you can come to the OHS auditorium and learn how to use power tools, hand tools, and more! Set design is run by Oceanside volunteers Glenn and Laura Sinberg – everyone is super friendly and would love to help you out! If you’re a Thespian (or working towards being one) this is a great opportunity to earn some points. The best part is, you don’t have to be a Thespian to participate in set building! Building and painting is open to anyone interested. From group work to individual projects, it’s never a dull moment with this energetic group of people. 

For the OHS production of Fame!, the set will be a recreation of the School of Performing Arts. This means there will be a lot of lockers, classrooms, and courtyards. You’ll start off by building the sets. You’ll learn how to use a variety of different tools like power saws and drills to place the pieces together to create beautiful scenery. Not only will you be able to take part in step one of set building, you’ll also have the opportunity to paint the sets to see the true vision come to life. Don’t like painting? That’s a-okay! You can always attend the building part and not the painting part or vice versa. 

I personally participated in set building my freshman year and loved it! I had so much fun working with new people, and I made some really good friends. My favorite part was learning how to use the power tools. They’re always pushing you to try new things and teach you skills that will help you in the future. They’re also very supportive even if you mess up or do something wrong. 

I interviewed some OHS students who participate in set building, and they only had positive things to say! Iris Reyes said, “I think set building and painting is a fun way to get credit for after school activities. My favorite part about building and painting is building and using all the tools. Yes, I plan on doing set building and painting again.” Iris also mentioned she had participated in set building years prior and is always excited when it starts up again. Toby Luque, another OHS student who participates in set building, added, “Set building was not only an incredible bonding experience for people in the thespians but also a way for people to learn things they probably never knew before. It could also be seen as the gateway into the theater world, as you don’t need to be a thespian in order to do it. You can have no affiliation with the theater and just show up – you’ll be treated all the same.” Toby is a Senior and has been attending building and painting for a while now. He always tries to encourage people to get involved and can’t wait for it to start up again. Finally, OHS senior Leah Friedman said, “Set building and painting is a great educational opportunity for those who might have thought they had no place in theater but now can find their place in the theater through constructing the sets and decorating them. Personally, it taught me that I could actually achieve things through hard work and it also instructed me on how to formulate a work ethic.”

Set building and painting is a great way to get involved with our school community. You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and if you’re a Thespian, you’ll get some points. Still not convinced? You can attend the informational meeting on October 7 at 7 pm in the OHS auditorium and make your decision then. 

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