2023 Homecoming

2023 Homecoming

by Brianna Amenta

Last weekend was Homecoming Weekend for your Oceanside Sailors. There was a lot that went on over the course of the two days, but unfortunately, a few of the homecoming events had to be cancelled due to the torrential downpour that we experienced all day Friday into Saturday morning. Since there was a flash flood warning in effect across all of Nassau County, it was unsafe to proceed with the parade and the fund raising tables that are typically set up during the Saturday football game. Although it wasn’t the full homecoming experience, the weekend was still treated like an Oceanside Holiday.

Homecoming, as always, began with spirit week! This consisted of students dressing up in different themes everyday of the week leading up to “Oceanside Friday”. On Tuesday, we supported the Farmingdale School District (in the wake of their school bus tragedy) by wearing green. Many students wore green that day and bracelets were sold to help raise money for Farmingdale. Following “Farmingdale Tuesday”, Wednesday was “Pajama Day” and Thursday was “Jersey Day” here at OHS.

At the end of “Oceanside Friday”, students attended the annual Pep Rally. It was an enjoyable environment as it showed the infinite support the student body has for not only the football team but for all of the fall sports teams. During the pep rally, the homecoming King, Queen, Prince, and Princess were announced. The Queen was Shana Cruz and the King was John Humburg. The Princess was Olivia Ikes and the Prince was Anthony Amandro. 

2023 Homecoming Court

Homecoming weekend culminated with our rivalry football game against the Massapequa Chiefs. It was an exciting game and the support from the students and families did not disappoint. Despite the tough loss to Massapequa (21-6), the Sailors are still in good shape to make the playoffs with an exceptional 3-1 record. 

Although the weather hampered some of the Homecoming weekend activities, it was still a great time. Thank you to all of the staff, students, and families who helped to make Homecoming 2023 memorable.

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