2023 Halloween Costumes

2023 Halloween Costumes

by Brianna Amenta

Happy (Almost) Halloween from your Oceanside High School Sider Press. Are you having trouble finding a Halloween costume this year? Well, the possibilities are truly endless. Here are some of my favorite costumes and some of the most popular costumes for this year.

Most Popular:

  1. Barbie/ Oppenheimer

These costumes will DEFINITELY be seen very frequently this Halloween due to the popularity of these two films this summer, as well as the fact that both films came out around the same time and are drastically different from each other.

  1. Princess

This costume is a staple of every Halloween. Can you even say you’re an avid Halloweener if you haven’t been one of the many Disney princesses? I don’t think so.

  1. Witches

Witches have been a beloved Halloween costume ever since they became popularized as the holiday was originating hundreds of years ago.

  1. Pirate

Everyone loves a good pirate! You can dress this costume up or down depending on how you feel about it.

  1. Fairy

Ever since Peter Pan, it seems like no one can get enough Tinkerbelle. Though Tinkerbelle is the most common, she is definitely not the only fairy costume option, so your options are endless.

My Top 5:

  1. Puss in Boots

Who didn’t love this movie growing up? It may seem like an odd choice, but this costume was high up on my list because it has a lot of potential (you could also pair this with a Shrek costume if you’d like extra credit).

  1. Alice in Wonderland/ Queen of Hearts/ Mad Hatter/ Cheshire Cat

The costume options that come from this story are insanely diverse making it easy to choose one while simultaneously avoiding having the same costume as someone else.

  1. Mummy

While you can argue that this costume is very popular and cliched, it is also very easy to throw together. All you need is a bunch of gauze and fake blood. The mummy is a very good last-minuteĀ costume idea.

  1. Carrie White (from Stephen King’s Carrie)

This costume can be done countless ways, and I guarantee that not many other people will be wearing this costume and stealing your spotlight. All you need is a pink dress, a crown, and some red paint.

  1. Elle Woods (from the film Legally Blonde)

Who doesn’t love this movie? It’s the perfect opportunity to look classy and cute at the same time. Also, it’s a plus if your favorite color is pink and if you aspirations to be a lawyer.

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