Spring Break Activities

Spring Break Activities

by Falyn Bonacore

As the spring season settles in, we hopefully welcome continuous days of sunshine and warmth. Beginning next week, many public schools will start their spring break. When spring break arrives, families and friends unite to enjoy their time off with days filled with both fun activities and some well deserved rest. Keeping yourself occupied during this time can often be overwhelming. However, there are numerous activities that students and staff can partake in during their break to pass the time.

To start your spring break off strongly, trying new restaurants in your neighborhood can be a good time- filler. We all pass by the same food establishments every day and often don’t bother to try them, so this is the perfect time to do just that. Whether it be by experiencing food from a new culture or by simply enjoying the ambiance, new restaurants inevitably expose people to new experiences and are a great excuse to spend time with friends and/or family. In either comfy or sophisticated attire, you can dress up accordingly and have a nice meal out during the vacation.

Seeing movies, specifically at the cinema, is also a fun activity to pursue over the school break. While staying local, you can view the latest new releases and even indulge in movie marathons with friends at home. Movies offer a chance to watch entertaining films that briefly take your mind off work or school. Movie theatres offer the opportunity to watch a new film while relaxing and snacking with friends.

Although it may not appeal to everybody, taking a road trip can be an amusing adventure. Whether short or long, a drive to an interesting destination in the States can be both fun and educational. Road trips afford us new experiences and simultaneously allow us to hang out and converse with friends or family while on the journey.  

Spring break offers a fundamental opportunity to reconnect with the world and with friends – it’s a period of leisure that no one should ever pass up. There are plenty of activities that can make your break exciting. So what will you do during your ten days off?