A Student’s Guide to Success

A Student’s Guide to Success


High school students have many worries. Whether it be worrying about how to dress, what sports are “cooler” to play, or what we should do on a Friday night, I think we can all collectively agree that when it comes to school, sometimes we have no idea what we are doing. We all struggle with something – maybe with managing time, maybe with doing well on tests, or maybe just Math class. We all worry about our futures and how we’re going to get there. So why not get a little help? Teenagers – we can be pretty stubborn. I think we find it a little hard to ask for help sometimes, so I did some digging on behalf of all of us students. Here are some ways to help us cope with all of the stress in out lives.

Our Schools Activities

A great way to enhance your high school experience is to get involved in extracurriculars. The school’s club fair offers so many amazing opportunities to get involved – each one different then the next. Check out and make note of any clubs that interest you. Always listen to morning announcements. I know it’s early, but you never know when information about a sport, club or other activity will be shared during the morning announcements. If you’re interested, try joining a club. You can always decide it’s not for you. Or try out for the team even if you think you won’t make it. That can be a really amazing experience. Some of our clubs at OHS include Cancer Awareness, Key Club, Best Buddies, Big Buddies, and W.I.C.


If you’re looking for some help studying for school, check out care.com. It provides local tutors who specialize in all kinds of subjects. Also, the library and school both provide tutoring resources, so make sure to check in with your guidance counselor or go to the main office at the library. If you’re struggling in any of your subjects but don’t want to pay a tutor, check out the Resource Centers in school or make a plan with your teacher for extra help. Also, don’t be afraid to ask people you know (family, friends, etc.) for help and support.       

Finding the Right Job For You

Once you enter high school you’re expected to do a lot of things and getting a job is one of those expectations. But finding a job can be really tough and sometimes the best job for you might just be focusing strictly on your school and extracurriculars. The most important thing is to make sure you’re not too stressed out. You need to balance your time and save some time for things you enjoy. However, having a job can prepare you for your future by giving you valuable life lessons and let’s not forget about the money! Always ask around. Your friends and families might have connections and might be able to help you find a job.

Effective Studying Methods

A lot of the stress we put on ourselves has to do with making sure we are getting good grades. Sometimes we get discouraged when we get a bad grade back even though we studied for 3 hours that night, had 2 cups of coffee, and blasted music to keep us awake. A lot of the time students just haven’t found studying methods that work for them. There are so many effective studying methods out there, so don’t be afraid to try a new one. If you’re struggling to focus on studying, you might want to try studying for a shorter time period. Take breaks in between studying to keep from getting distracted by your phone or friends. If you work hard for one hour and then take a break, you might be less tempted to focus on something else rather than trying to focus on three different things at once. Sometimes thinking about what might be on the test can help a lot. Try writing practice problems that you think might be on the quiz and take practice tests. There are also countless websites to use as resources for studying:




Stress Relief and Mental Health

It’s ok to admit that sometimes life is hard. We aren’t just students – we are humans with hobbies, struggles, unique situations and limited time. Sometimes it feels like the homework is never ending when you open your chromebook at 3:30 pm and don’t close it until 11:00 pm.  We have family matters, clubs, sports, dance, instruments and less than 24 hours to do it all if we want to get some sleep. If a class is becoming too much for you, don’t feel embarrassed or disappointed in yourself. It’s normal for us to take on more than we can do. Most of the time we can do it, but not all at once. If you’re interested in dropping class, don’t hesitate to contact your guidance counselor or go to the guidance office in school. Talk to your parents and make sure you’re doing what is best for you. School is important, but so are your interests and mental health. When doing homework, make sure to take breaks, go outside and get a snack. It sounds hard to do and you might think it’s costing you time, but it will make the work seem a lot less daunting. 

Here are some helpful activities that help release stress. If you decide to take a break from homework, try out one of these:



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