Lin-Manuel Miranda Teases The Possibility  Of An “Encanto” Stage Adaptation

Lin-Manuel Miranda Teases The Possibility Of An “Encanto” Stage Adaptation

By Alex Correa

“We don’t talk about Bruno”, but we certainly will be discussing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hopes for an adaptation of the hit Disney Animated film, “Encanto”. 

In the past, we’ve seen Disney’s passion for bringing all of their animated characters to life on the Broadway stage. “Frozen,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “The Lion King” are just a few very successful examples of this. In an interview with E!News this past Sunday, Miranda was asked about his personal opinion on bringing the Madrigal family to the stage. 

“I think it weirdly lends itself well,” he explained. “They don’t always, you know? Like, I can’t picture a Moana Broadway musical. I don’t know how you’d do the ocean.” 

This would not be Lin’s first musical production by a long shot. He is known for his work on the musical score of “Hamilton,” one of the most popular Broadway musicals of today. His talent has been once again recognized for his directing of “Tick, Tick… BOOM!” The movie musical that took the internet by storm in recent months. Due to this experience, Lin has had the idea for “Encanto” to see the light of Broadway since before he even finished the first drafts of the movie’s score. 

“My first draft of the last song in the movie, ‘All of You,’ was like seven minutes long,” he said. “It was so late in production that they were like, ‘Lin, we won’t make the movie in time. You actually have to cut this down.’ So I’ve got the Broadway finale like in the chamber.”

Despite Lin’s excitement for the possibility of a Broadway adaptation of the film, he is also admittedly open to the possibility of a television spinoff series or even a follow-up film. “There’s so many stories in that house, that it would be wonderful to expand on it.” He said. 

However, the spotlight has been shifted this week to the upcoming 2022 Oscars, where “Dos Oruguitas,” another song from “Encanto’s” score, has been nominated for Best Original Song. The movie has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from audiences of all ages, and holds a special place in the hearts of underrepresented Colombian communities. In response to positive words about the film’s impact, Miranda noted, “It’s been amazing to see how people feel, because we’re all pulling from personal places–Jared, Charise, and Byron–in every aspect of the story. It was developed by all of us, throwing our stories into the middle of the table.” Encanto continues to receive praise even months after its release, and “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” another song from the movie’s original score, has recently topped the Billboard Top 100