Restaurant Review: SolBol

Restaurant Review: SolBol

by Sabrina Henriquez

This year, the town of Oceanside recently added a SolBol to the community. People in the community were very excited and could not wait until opening day. SolBol mainly specializes in acai bowls, but also serves smoothies, green bowls, and waffles. They even have a variety of acai bowls, such as spirulina, pitaya, coconut, chocolate cacao, and mango pineapple. Once SolBol opened, numerous people in the community spoke highly of it and followed their Instagram account. 

My experience at SolBol was very good. The workers are very polite and make the bowls pretty quickly. There are many pros, such as the trendy and bright interior, the diverse menu , and the fridge filled with a large variety of beverages. In addition, there is also a way for the community to make their mark there at SolBol: everyone is able to write their names in chalk on a big chalkboard with their logo in the middle of the restaurant. One con about SolBol is that one time when I went there, they were understaffed, with just one person working the counter. We had to wait longer than usual for the bowl, but it was definitely worth the wait. 

SolBol is similar to Baya Bar in Oceanside; they both sell acai bowls and other items as well. It is always better to have two of the same shops in one town for a preference. The acai shops are both popular, have good reviews, and serve quality food. However, I prefer SolBol for its reasonable pricing. The bowls at SolBol cost $9.84 and the bowls at BayaBar cost $11.00 for a typical acai bowl. In my opinion, a typical bowl should cost around $8 to $9. Therefore, I prefer SolBol because of their prices. 

The reputation of SolBol is terrific! I have never heard complaints or seen bad reviews of their restaurant. The community speaks very highly of their company; especially their bowls and smoothies. SolBol, just like other restaurants, has a great online menu and reasonable hours. They’re open daily from eight in the morning until seven at night. 

Overall, my experience at SolBol was very enjoyable. The workers are friendly and the acai shop is designed and decorated for others to feel welcome. SolBol plays music that’s trending and has many seats for you and your friends or family. SolBol should be talked about more, and I encourage people from other towns to check out SolBol in Oceanside.

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