Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

by Alina Smith

Book recommendations are good for people who want to open up their vocabulary or imagination or both. Below, I have listed three different book suggestions and a short description for each of them. All of these books were very interesting and fun to read, so I hope that you can check them out.

The Cruel Prince – The Cruel Prince by Holly Black is a young adult fantasy book. This book follows the main character, Jude Duarte, and the enigmatic faerie prince, Cardan Greenbriar. After Jude witnesses her parents murder as a child, she was taken by the killer to Elfhame, and was raised with her sisters amongst the faeries. Jude is desperate to prove herself and find a place in the society that has a strong hatred towards humans. Prince Cardan, is a cruel, sarcastic, prideful, and manipulative character in this book. He is not good with a sword and doesn’t show any interest in anything else besides power. When I read this book, I was absolutely amazed. Seeing as though I am a picky reader, I didn’t think this book would be that good when I bought it. This novel was filled with adventure and danger. The plot of the story and how each character is described is great. I would definitely read this book again.

Beyond The Story – Beyond The Story by BTS (A famous group that a lot of people should know) gives an overview of their music, while also diving deeper into how they as a group were created and chronicling all the hard times they went through as they rose quickly to fame. This book also goes into each member’s feelings and thoughts as they grew closer together.

Wolf Children Ame & Yuki – Wolf Children by Mamoru Hosoda is also a movie. The central idea of this book is “parenting.” The story follows 13 years in the life of a young woman, Hana,  who falls in love with a werewolf in college. When he  gets murdered, she has to work on raising her half-wolf, half-human kids.  Ame and Yuki who grow up to find their own paths in life. This book shows that parents will do anything to make sure their child has a happy and healthy life while they grow up.

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