Netflix Recommendations

Netflix Recommendations

by Alina Smith

Are you looking for some shows to binge over the holiday break? Here are five of my favorite Netflix shows to check out during the vacation!

The Mick

Genre: Sitcom, Comedy, Drama

Description: An aunt is forced to take care of her rich sister’s spoiled kids after the mom leaves the country to avoid criminal charges.

This series was pretty funny to me, the first episode wasn’t as funny as I thought it was supposed to be. The second episode got better though, there are 2 seasons and I’m pretty sure each episode is 20 minutes long or around that.


Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Description: This show follows someone named Sam, a teenager with autism who decides that he’s ready to start dating and wants a girlfriend. Which sets his mom on her own path as Sam looks for more independence.

In this series, the voice-overs from Sam are supposed to bring the viewers into his point of view. I feel like this series would fall into a regular show you would watch on cable, but it was still pretty good.

Raising Dion

Genre: Action, Comedy, Science Fiction, Drama

Description: A superhero series which is told from the point of view of an 8 year old with superpowers. His mom wants to figure out what’s going on with her son while trying to hide it from everyone.

This series is meant to attract kids and adults. I know this because my dad loves this show and was really happy when the new season dropped. I feel like Raising Dion is focusing on a superhero’s origin story while focusing on a mother and son’s relationship.


Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy, Thriller

Description: A dissatisfied civil-lawyer turned beauty pageant coach takes on a bullied teenager and turns her into a bombshell. She then gets recruited to become a beauty pageant queen.

This series was in between good and bad for me. I feel like it lacks dimension, and the characters are unsteady. Sometimes it was funny and boundary-pushing, but it lacked certain characteristics that make a series a good series. The performers are alright but are mostly left hanging by the script, so it just drifts in and out of confusion.


Genre: Psychological Thriller, Romance, Drama, Mystery

Description: This show follows Joe, a bookstore manager while he pursues a graduate-school student who he meets at the store. His behaviors become obsessive and dangerous as some murders rise.

Even though this series comes from the trashy thriller type of genre, it’s still a very good show. The actors were a great choice for this, even though the plot isn’t entirely secured.