The History of Christmas Lights

The History of Christmas Lights

by Falyn Bonacore

As we approach the holiday season, countless Oceanside houses rekindle their stocked white and multi-colored lights, illuminating their walkways with a warm and nostalgic glow. For nearly 65 years, since the mid 20th century, Christians have strung up their assorted lights to express their holiday spirit and reveal the ancient roots of Christmas decorating. Houses were first decorated on the inside with intricate trees of green needles, white tips, and layered sap, which later morphed into an aesthetic appeal of festive ambience on the outside. Ultimately, people began decorating their houses with Christmas lights for religious and nostalgic reasons.

Around the globe, Christians decorate their houses with lights during December, which originated partly for biblical purposes. For example, the decorations remind them that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. The decked and symbolic lights hung up each holiday represent their source of light, Christ, to reveal the power of God. This light is the emblem that opposes darkness and ignorance in order to conquer chaos with deep intellectual thought and understanding. Symbolically, the lights emanate the divine life Jesus provides and promotes by brightening and warming the frosty season amid the dim night.

Christmas lights also originated to symbolize the biblical Christmas star. This star was meant to guide the Three Wise Men to the manger of Jesus’ birthplace. Christmas lights are also used to express loving sentiment. Christmas is rooted in family tradition and ritual, uniting family members each December. Many Christians associate Christmas lights and decorations with these emotions of nostalgia, childhood excitement, and togetherness. Therefore, these decorative Christmas lights also symbolize a connection to positive memories with family.

Whether to symbolize ties to their religion or to signify notions of love and family, Christians continue to express their Christmas spirit with streams of light. The lights have helped provide significant meaning to the Christmas holiday, deepening the true meaning of Christmas.

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